Water resistant classic Bean bags

(4.0 kg - 9.5 kg)
Dimensions : L : 75 cm x W : 75 cm x H : 65 cm
Category : Snug Classic Bean Bags - Classic Water Resistant
Rs. 16,990.00

Rs. 16,140.50
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* Water Resistant Fabric Bean Bags ( More than 10 colours available )

* Size : Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Size Length Width Height WeightCD
Small 75cm75cm65cm3.0kg -3.5kg236cm75cm
Medium90cm90cm75cm4.5kg - 5kg283cm90cm
Large115cm115cm80cm6.5kg - 7kg360cm115cm
Extra Large140cm140cm85cm9kg - 9.5kg440cm140cm

C - circumference, D - Diameter  

* Six sides bean bag  

* Two bottom zippers with safety zip 

* "Sunbrella" Fabric material ( Water Resistant Outdoor Fabric) 

* Washable cover 

* Store Pickup or Delivery available 

*   5 working days to complete an order. 


* Separate inner bag   : If you are interested to buy with inner bag, order an inner bag separately 

Bean.lk opts for high-quality raw material and designer input. When selecting fabric thicknesses, color ranges & textures are highly considered and our main concern during the manufacturing process is material durability and high-quality finishing.

Our bean bags have one outer zipper with an inner zipper for child safety and easy everyday maintenance. We also recommend our clients to buy a separate inner bag made of a stretchable, wet look material for easy cleaning. This enables the user to take out the bag filled with beans and wash the outer cover when needed.


If your preference is not mentioned in the website feel free to visit us at our store. If you need assistance regarding beanbags or any other interior arrangement please call us on 0777901411 and pay a visit to our store and our team will be delighted to help you.

Delivery: Every item undergoes a quality check at our warehouse before dispatch.

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