About Us

Our Journey... 

Kalota Bean Bags, A leading beanbag manufacturer in Sri Lanka, specializing in interior design for commercial, residential, and resort/hotel spaces in Colombo and beyond. Our journey began in 2010 when the demand for beanbags started to rise across the island, including the thriving market for beanbags in Sri Lanka. At that time, importing beanbags was the norm since there were no local beanbag manufacturers in Sri Lanka. Inspired by this rising demand, we took the initiative to research and explore this wonderful companion, ultimately leading us to establish Kalota as the go-to brand for beanbags in Sri Lanka.

It took us a few years to meticulously identify reliable fabric, filling, and material suppliers to ensure the production of top-notch beanbags. As a result, our beanbags in Sri Lanka have gained significant popularity and a reputation for their exclusive designs and superior quality. Our extensive clientele includes hotels, resorts, architecture firms, and interior design agencies who trust Kalota's expertise in providing the perfect bean bag chairs for their spaces.

In 2020, we proudly launched bean.lk, a dedicated platform where you can conveniently buy bean bags and explore a wide range of customizable options. With bean.lk, you have the freedom to choose from an array of colors and materials for your exclusive bean bags. Our team at Kalota remains committed to providing exceptional interior design consultancy to meet all your design requirements. Whether it's selecting the most suitable bean bags, colors, or materials, bean.lk is at your service.

Experience the ultimate comfort and style of Kalota bean bags, available exclusively in Sri Lanka. Elevate your interior spaces with our premium bean bag chairs and covers. Join countless satisfied customers who have entrusted us with their interior design needs and discover the magic of bean.lk, your one-stop destination for exclusive bean bags in Sri Lanka.

Why We are special...

Bean.lk - Your Trusted Bean Bag Supplier in Sri Lanka

Bean.lk has been a leading bean bag supplier in Sri Lanka since 2010. We are a child brand of Kalota Topical Inspirations, a renowned interior design and fabrication company in Sri Lanka. Our qualified team offers designer input and material selection for all your interior design and decoration needs.

Why Choose Kalota Beanbags?

At Kalota, we take a designer approach to create enclosed spaces that are polished for almost a decade. We use top-quality materials sourced from worldwide manufacturers and suppliers. Our bean bag chairs are available in a range of designer fabrics, materials, and textures to suit your indoor and outdoor requirements. We also offer a budget-friendly product range without compromising on quality. 

High-Quality Sewing and Finishing

We take pride in our high-quality sewing and finishing to ensure maximum comfort and durability. Our products are designed to provide functional development according to user experience and valuable feedback. 

Client Satisfaction is Our Priority

At Kalota, our major focus is client satisfaction. We guarantee high-quality products and services that exceed your expectations. Whether you need a bean bag for your home or workplace, we have got you covered. We offer consulting services to guide you through all your interior design decisions, from choosing the ideal color to the ideal position for your bean bag. 

Buy Bean Bags in Sri Lanka from Bean.lk

If you are looking to buy bean bags in Sri Lanka, look no further than Bean.lk. We offer a wide range of high-quality bean bags at competitive prices. Shop now and experience the ultimate comfort and style that our bean bags have to offer!

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