Our Journey... 

Kalota is a leading interior design firm functioning in Colombo, Sri Lanka for all purposes related to commercial, residential and resort/hotel interior design. Prior to 2010 when beanbags weren’t popular in Sri Lanka, there was a rising demand for beanbags from across the island. Most of these requests were from clients who have had the beanbag experience overseas. Since there were no beanbag manufactures at that time in Sri Lanka it led a certain crowd to import beanbags. This motivated our team to research on this wonderful companion and finally we resorted to start manufacturing them in Sri Lanka. That’s how Kalota beanbags successfully made its way to where we are today.

It took us a few years to find reliable fabric, filling and material suppliers. Thus, the Kalota beanbag journey began and our first clients were our Kalota topical inspirations’ clients. When we first introduced beanbags to the industry, residential and commercial clients under Kalota wanted to try them out and thus our story rose to fame. Kalota beanbags have had an impressive demand from hotels, resorts and various architecture and interior design firms ever since.

We launched Kalota beanbags as bean.lk in 2020 with upgraded facilities to offer our clients a remarkable service. Now our clients can customize beanbags according to their choice of color and material which is extremely convenient to them who don’t have a clear idea on what to purchase. We, Kalota is still providing the interior design consultancy and are willing to design ideas as per the request by our valuable clients for all their interior design requirements and bean.lk is always at your service in selecting the most suitable bean bags, sizes, colors and material.

Our Services...

Bean.lk is a leading bean bag supplier since 2010. It was first established as ‘Kalota Beanbags’ under Kalota Topical inspirations, a leading interior design company in Sri Lanka. Kalota primarily operates in interior design and fabrication industry. The qualified team at Kalota offers a guaranteed job in designer input and material selection in interior design & Decoration.


As a child brand of Kalota Topical Inspirations, bean.lk has top quality material suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. The key reason why you should go for Kalota beanbags is their designer approach for enclosed spaces, polished for almost a decade. Bean.lk offers a range of various designer fabric, material and textures to select from and also budget-friendly product range for all your indoor and outdoor requirements. We ensure high quality sewing and finishing with functional development according to user experience and your valuable feedback.


Our services are guaranteed to be of high quality in both product and experience and our major focus is our client’s satisfaction.  Kalota is ready to consult you for all your interior design requirements. We will guide your through all your decisions from choosing the ideal color to the ideal position at your home/work place that requires immediate adornment.

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